Carsharing for your next trip.

We bring together people who need cars with those who have cars to rent. Rent & go! Easy, safe, no deposit!

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What's new at HoppyGo?

It's been over one year, that we've been building a community for car sharing with you. Thanks to you we've been able to constantly improve and innovate. Of course, this community is about more than just sharing; it's also changing how people get around. HoppyGo was created along with the Skoda Auto DigiLab. Now we are taking the next big step to change the face of mobility in the Czech Republic. n the coming months, we will be joining forces with SmileCar, another carsharing platform here in the Czech Republic. This merger will enable is to grow our services - offering more cars for drivers and more rentals for owners.

I want to rent out my car

Rent out your car on HoppyGo with a few easy steps.

How to start renting my car?

  • Download the application to your phone and create a profile.
  • Add your car details (you should be the owner :).
  • Your car is ready to make money!

Other documents you need

  • Photos of the car
  • Registrtion certificate (the big one)
  • Green insurance card

We take the security of your car seriously. All drivers are checked by our team to ensure that they behave responsibly and you can be confident in lending to them.

Hit the road

Renting a car with HoppyGo is easy. No lines, no long paper forms, just a few conditions to make sure everyone is safe.

How to rent a car

  • Download the application to your telephone and register.
  • Choose the car that you want and send a request to the owner via the app.
  • When the owner approves your request, you arrange a meeting with him/her to take the keys and be on your way.

What if something happens?

There's always a chance something might happen when you’re one the road, so cars are insured for the entire rental period.

  • The car is insured against theft even if the driver does not return it.
  • The insurance is valid throughout Europe. It refers to situations where the car was stolen, damaged or damaged by its operation.
  • Drivers have 24-hour roadside assistance available 7 days a week.
  • If a car needs to be repaired, we will provide a replacement car for this time.