HoppyGo: the advantages of our new insurance by Allianz

HoppyGo insurance: Lower user participation a towing services all over Europe

Our new insurance equals better insurance. Some of the conditions are completely new, some have seen major improvements. We made borrowing a car easier and more comfortable. We’re sure you’ll be happy about the lowered participation costs or a guaranteed replacement vehicle.

So what does the insurance cover?

  1. We’re now renewing the insurance after a shorter period -- 12 hours. That means that if you have a one and a half day rental, you’ll pay less.
  2. Everyone in the rented car automatically gets accident insurance.
  3. Should anything bad happen, and you’d end up without a car, we’ll get you a replacement, so that you don’t lose your mobility. The maximum price of a borrowed car is 1 000 Kč per day, and you can use it for 5 days.
  4. The windshield is insured with a user participation rate of 0%, up to 10 000 Kč.
  5. If there is an accident which makes the car unusable, we’ll provide you with towing in all of Europe. You can also decide, where exactly should it be towed to.

And what have we improved?

  1. In legal matters, we’re now represented by D.A.S., a new partner. Thanks to their wealth of experience, we’ll be able to solve any potential legal problems swiftly.
  2. The level of driver’s participation has been lowered to 5 000 Kč, and 10 000 Kč for third parties. So if there is an insured event, your fees will be smaller.
  3. Car insurance now has no max limit. This means you can easily insure Škoda Felicia, or a new Lamborghini.
  4. There are many dangers lurking besides a crash with another car: It can be stolen, or it may collide with a stray deer or hog. That is why we now insure cars for these situations as well.

It's great to set on an adventure with secure backing, isn't it? Before you set off, be sure to go through the new terms and conditions of our Allianz insurance, and nothing will catch you unawares!

The app HoppyGo is free!